A selection of my work

  • Dust


    An interactive artwork simulating the motion of dust particles

  • Ford VJ

    Ford VJ

    Live video mixing for the Ford VJ experience at motorshows around the world.

  • Lumiskin


    Interactive projection visualising the space around us.

  • Electrovision


    An evening of live cinema with cutting edge audio-visual performances.

  • eMotion


    Visualising the path of museum visitors.

  • Yellow


    Visualising car sounds as a 3D animation of frequency spectrum.

  • Fast Forward

    Fast Forward

    Interactive video installation using time warping.

  • Reis door Brabant-stad

    Reis door Brabant-stad

    Time-lapse video for “Journey trough Brabant-city”, a film by Olga Mink.

  • Hurry Up Please: It’sTime

    Hurry Up Please: It’sTime

    Interactive installation tracking drinkers behaviour.

  • Newton Virus

    Newton Virus

    The ‘Newton Virus’ introduces gravity to your desktop, causing icons to fall, roll and tumble.

  • Friday Saturday Love

    Friday Saturday Love

    Music video for ‘Friday Saturday Love’ by the Hoxton Whores.

  • Glen Grant

    Glen Grant

    Time-lapse sequence for the Glen Grant website.

  • Ford VJ Frankfurt

    Ford VJ Frankfurt

    Video for the Ford VJ Experience at the Frankfurt motorshow.

  • VJ’ing


    Live video performances.